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The history of the League of Nations is currently undergoing a renaissance. This network provides the opportunity to trace developments in this fast-paced and emergent field, and for scholars to exchange their work and ideas.

The collapse of the bi-polar world order in the late eighties, combined with the emergence of the field of global history and the opening of key archives, prompted academics and policy-makers alike to return to the League in order to see how this earlier international organization sought to address problems of geopolitical competition and transnational risk that are similar to those we face today.

The greatly under-used archive of the League of Nations has become the foundation for much of this new research. Exploitation of these archives, combined with research in other private and organizational archives and collaborative research projects, has yielded new scholarly insights into the history of the League and the internationalism. These pages are intended to provide a way in to these new histories.


Occasional reports on recent events will appear on this homepage for the site - for information on future events, please look to the events page which will be kept fully up to date, and note that there is also a full archive of news that has been presented on this website.

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  • Podcast on the League of Nations - November 26 2015
    Professor Susan Pedersen's interview with Sean Graham of Active History, which covers several League of Nations aspects, can be found in the following episode of History Slam:
    For details see: Link to podcast

  • New article on the League's mandates - June 13 2015
    Natasha Wheatley has recently published the article "Mandatory Interpretation: Legal Hermeneutics and the New International Order in Arab and Jewish Petitions to the League of Nations" in Past and Present, 227 (May, 2015),pp. 205-248.
    For details see: Link to Journal

  • International Conference "Subversive Networks", Heidelberg 4-6 December 2014 - November 10 2014
    The international conference "Subversive Networks. Actors of Change in International Organizations, 1920-1960" will take place on Thursday 4 - Saturday 6 December 2014 at the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context” at Heidelberg University (Karl-Jaspers-Centre, Voßstr. 2, Building 4400).
    For details see: Conference website